PC up and running again

My PC is FINALLY working again! MSI stuck to their work, fixed and returned the motherboard no questions asked, for a small fee of course, although it took about 4 or 5 weeks!

I shall try my best to get working on ThinkTwit again this week and finall roll out the changes I was working on when my system died (I think caching and filters). Sorry again for any trouble this may have caused anyone!

About Stephen Pickett

Stephen Pickett is a programmer, IT strategist and architect, project manager and business analyst, Oracle Service Cloud and telephony expert, information security specialist, all-round geek. He is currently Technical Director at Connect Assist, a social business that helps charities and public services improve quality, efficiency and customer engagement through the provision of helpline services and CRM systems.

Stephen is based in south Wales and attended Cardiff University to study Computer Science, in which he achieved a 2:1 grading. He has previously worked for Think Consulting Solutions, a leading voice on not-for-profit fundraising, Fujitsu Services and Sony Manufacturing UK as a software developer.

Stephen is the developer of ThinkTwit, a WordPress plugin that allows you to display multiple Twitter feeds within a blog.

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