ThinkTwit Update 1.4.0 – implements API v1.1 to prevent ThinkTwit breaking post June 10th

Everyone using ThinkTwit absolutely HAS to upgrade to this new version or else ThinkTwit
will stop working from 10th June 2013!

Twitter have deprecated their v1.0 of their API as they have made a number of changes, but especially around security – this is due to their finance model being heavily broken meaning that they need to somehow find a way to make more money. One key way that they are doing this is to limit access to their API and to add further restrictions around how you can use their data; to enforce this EVERYONE that uses the Twitter API needs to upgrade or else your applications will stop working.

Previously I wrote an article about changes that they made out of the blue and this update really follows on from that. At that time they rolled out v1.1 but they had not made it accessible to applications like ThinkTwit where you don’t want a user to have to enter their credentials, you just want it to work. A few months ago they finally released this functionality and I’ve finally had some time spare to implement it.

So, please everyone upgrade to this new version and make sure you read the instructions first. The changes are fairly extensive and you will now need to register your widget with Twitter to be able to use it so please do prepare yourself before performing the upgrade – and don’t forget to upgrade before 10th June 2013!

In the next few days I will also release an article on how I achieved this in order to aid any other Twitter developers who decide to implement in PHP and equally find it slightly cryptic!

About Stephen Pickett

Stephen Pickett is a programmer, IT strategist and architect, project manager and business analyst, Oracle Service Cloud and telephony expert, information security specialist, all-round geek. He is currently Technical Director at Connect Assist, a social business that helps charities and public services improve quality, efficiency and customer engagement through the provision of helpline services and CRM systems.

Stephen is based in south Wales and attended Cardiff University to study Computer Science, in which he achieved a 2:1 grading. He has previously worked for Think Consulting Solutions, a leading voice on not-for-profit fundraising, Fujitsu Services and Sony Manufacturing UK as a software developer.

Stephen is the developer of ThinkTwit, a WordPress plugin that allows you to display multiple Twitter feeds within a blog.

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