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Busy busy

So anyone reading this regularly or just coming here to find out some update may be wondering why I’ve not posted for a while – work has been increasingly busy over the last year, so much so that my team has tripled since around May 2011. It’s very difficult to focus on your other interests when you have so much going on at work, especially when that interest is developing a piece of code, it all just seems like work and keeping it going is very tough.

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Computer Upgraded

Well due to MSI providing me with a dud replacement motherboard I finally decided to bite the bullet and upgrade my system. I completely avoided all MSI products this time round and now my computer is running smoothly again, with some slightly faster kit.

I shall get back to ThinkTwit development and will do my best to get some updates out in the next couple of weeks.


Well it’s been a while since I’ve been able to post – just thought I’d let anyone reading what’s going on and why I’ve not posted any ThinkTwit updates in a while. As you will have seen from previous posts I’ve had issues with my PC – after getting my motherboard fixed I received further issues and had to fight with MSI again to have my motherboard replaced. They eventually relented after the threat of being reported to Trading Standards and they replaced the motherboard with one that was refurbished. However, that motherboard also has an issue but that’s another story – needless to say I won’t EVER buy an MSI product again.

Since all that palava I have also bought and moved in to a new house. I’m currently without Internet and my PC is still in pieces but once I’ve got everything sorted and I’m settled (probably another month) I hope to get some time to start updating ThinkTwit again. Apologies to anyone this may have affected but I’ve not seen any complaints so I’m hoping all is well.

PC up and running again

My PC is FINALLY working again! MSI stuck to their work, fixed and returned the motherboard no questions asked, for a small fee of course, although it took about 4 or 5 weeks!

I shall try my best to get working on ThinkTwit again this week and finall roll out the changes I was working on when my system died (I think caching and filters). Sorry again for any trouble this may have caused anyone!

Computer out of action

My computer is currently out of action. Had a lot of trouble with it ever since I built it 2 years ago and it’s only emerged recently that it seems to be due to the motherboard. After a LOT of wrangling with MSI, who make the motherboard, they have finally agreed to repair or replace it for me. After all the trouble though I will probably never buy a product from them again – they are great products and at great prices but their post-sales support is dreadful!

Anyway, this means I don’t have access to my PC or my files and tools so ThinkTwit development is on hold at the moment. Hope to start back up with it in a couple of weeks once MSI has sorted my motherboard out. I apologise if this affects anyone but please feel to write here if you need any help or advice.