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My experience of the CITP assessment process

I’ve recently been through, and unfortunately failed, the BCS CITP assessment process. For those that don’t know the BCS is the Chartered Institute for IT and the Chartered IT Professional status is equivalent to the chartered status in accounting, but for IT. There are a number of benefits that CITP status gives you, but mostly it is the recognition that comes with the title.

Whilst I was on this journey I couldn’t find a great deal about it online (not really great given they are trying to expand knowledge about it in the IT profession) which made things considerably difficult for me – I am the sort of person who needs a lot of information about a subject to really tackle it; this is, in some ways I guess, contradictory to the attributes of a Chartered IT Professional I guess but it’s just in my nature. I wanted to blog about my experience for others to understand it better but also to remind myself when I try again.

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