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HOTFIX: ThinkTwit 1.3.9 to fix italic issue

So you may or may not have noticed ThinkTwit turning everything italic – either way you’ll be wanting to download this update. The long and short of it is that Twitter have changed their API and this version is 100% required if you want to keep using ThinkTwit – and no doubt every other Twitter plugin will need to be updated as well.

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Twitter removed XML from API – affecting ThinkTwit

Having had an issue with ThinkTwit turning half a user’s page italic (it was spewing em tags all over the place) and researching the issue I have found out that Twitter have recently changed their API to no longer support XML. Despite signs that this may be coming (as they had gradually removed XML support from other services) they did not give a timeline and this change came completely out of the blue.

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Minor update to ThinkTwit – 1.3.8

Some of you may have noticed already that I launched a minor update yesterday to ThinkTwit – it wasn’t a major update hence I’ve been a bit tardy posting about it, though it has taken a lot of effort and been a number of weeks in the coming during which 2 other updates have come since I started coding it but the update wasn’t finished to get in to either of them.

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How to roll up options in WordPress admin

I’ve had some difficulty in the last couple of months adding jQuery in to my widget form in the admin area (for ThinkTwit), especially with adding functionality that will let me roll up a group of settings to make it easier for the user to edit them as there are so many. It turned out that this was due to objects being loaded after the page has loaded (see issue and solution).

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First donation for ThinkTwit

I’m happy to report that last week I had a very nice surprise when I turned my phone on at the airport after a well deserved trip to Ibiza: I received a notification from PayPal to say that I’d had a donation for ThinkTwit. The donation was kindly given by Martijn Pantlin from Orgone Media and was very happily received!

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