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Minor ThinkTwit Update 1.3.2

I’ve just released a minor update to ThinkTwit which adds the current version of ThinkTwit to the database, for the purpose of making upgrades more smooth in future, along with storing a list of the names of each cache used to store tweets – this will also be helpful for upgrading and uninstallation in future as we need to know this information to either upgrade the cache or to remove it.

Finally, I noticed a method with an extraneous parameter so removed this.

ThinkTwit Update 1.3.1

I’ve released a very minor update yesterday that should get rid of the “file_get_contents” warning that appears for some users within the admin dashboard – when moving some of the methods in to the ThinkTwit class I forgot to make them static which obviously caused some confusion. Thanks to Sunny Chan and Amir Habibi for pointing out the issue and assisting by testing the fix!

Additionally I’ve added Steven Mcphillips as an additional contributor whom I hope can assist with make some minor additions initially and maybe some on-going efforts on the roadmap.

Thoughts on ThinkTwit improvements

For some time I’ve not been entirely happy with ThinkTwit upgrades – development on ThinkTwit started initially as an internal project for a past employer (Think Consulting Solutions). We had been wanting to contribute to Open Source for some time and this seemed like the perfect solution to both problems: Open Source the code I have written.

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AJAX-ifying WordPress Widgets

I recently found the need to give AJAX abilities to a WordPress widget. Notably, I had a request from Kjell Martin Bovre of Scribo.no to allow ThinkTwit to update when used with a caching engine, for instance WP Super Cache. Caching engines work by converting the pages of a site in to HTML and, rather than loading the website code using calls to its database, calling these pages directly when a user makes a request.

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