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Well it’s been a while since I’ve been able to post – just thought I’d let anyone reading what’s going on and why I’ve not posted any ThinkTwit updates in a while. As you will have seen from previous posts I’ve had issues with my PC – after getting my motherboard fixed I received further issues and had to fight with MSI again to have my motherboard replaced. They eventually relented after the threat of being reported to Trading Standards and they replaced the motherboard with one that was refurbished. However, that motherboard also has an issue but that’s another story – needless to say I won’t EVER buy an MSI product again.

Since all that palava I have also bought and moved in to a new house. I’m currently without Internet and my PC is still in pieces but once I’ve got everything sorted and I’m settled (probably another month) I hope to get some time to start updating ThinkTwit again. Apologies to anyone this may have affected but I’ve not seen any complaints so I’m hoping all is well.